• Getting the Most from Your Party Bus Rental

    A party bus rental near Long Island is the ideal way to get to and from your special event. A party bus can even be the setting of your special event if you want a unique way to celebrate a friend’s birthday, graduation, anniversary, or other momentous occasion. So when planning your party transportation, keep in mind these details:

    Consider Your Occasion

    Is your event a formal affair? If so, make sure your party bus fits the occasion. Alternately, if your special event is a laid-back party where getting to relax and have fun is the only priority, those considerations too can inform your choice of party bus. Before you book a party bus, explain your needs to the party bus company . Party bus experts understand the special accommodations that might be needed depending on the occasion. For instance, if you plan to spend the day in your party bus, you will likely want a restroom on board. A party bus company can see to it that you have the amenities you need for your event to be a success.

    Getting the Most from Your Party Bus Rental | Long Island

    Personalize Your Party Bus

    Your party bus company can handle every last detail of your event, but only if you would rather not bother with them. However, if your party transportation is for a special birthday, wedding, or other personal occasion, you might want to personalize your party bus as well. Talk to your party bus company about the options you have when it comes to drink, music, and decoration selection. In many cases, it can accommodate your personal requests.

    Confirm Date and Time

    After weeks or even months of planning for your special event, all it takes is one misunderstanding to derail all your hard work. So as you arrange for your party transportation, make sure that you and your party bus company are in agreement regarding all the logistical details. If possible, have in writing the date that you want your party bus, as well as the times that you anticipate needing it. These factors can also impact the cost of your party bus, making it all the more important that you and your party bus company are clear on when you need it.

  • Choosing Transportation for Your Wedding

    You’ve been planning every last wedding detail: dress, location, menu, music, and even the thank you favors. Do you know, though, how you and your guests will get around on your special day? Party transportation is an integral component of making sure that your nuptials proceed without a hitch, so it’s never too early to start considering your party bus needs. In fact, depending on your wedding plans, you might require more than one party bus rental near Long Island.

    Your Wedding Theme

    Many brides and grooms choose a theme for their special day. No matter if you are throwing a modern, retro, or country affair, there’s a party bus to match your style. Party bus company New York City Exotic Buses offers a wide selection of party buses, and with us, you can find the party bus that fits with your wedding theme. With a range of charter vehicle styles, colors, and other options from which to choose, New York City Exotic Buses can see to it that your party bus is the perfect accompaniment to your wedding.

    Your Wedding Party

    New York City Exotic Buses can also help you select a party bus that suits your expected number of passengers. On your wedding day, you don’t want to end up with party transportation that doesn’t have enough room for all your bridesmaids and groomsmen. So check with our party bus company about the allowable passenger size for each charter vehicle that you’re considering before you make a final selection.

    Your Wedding Location

    Transportation for Your Wedding | Long Island Are you putting together a destination wedding? Will you have a high number of guests that aren’t local to the area? To ensure that everyone you want at your wedding is there before the ceremony begins, consider arranging for additional party bus accommodations. It can be difficult for out-of-town guests to navigate their way around Long Island if they are unfamiliar with it. For their convenience and your peace of mind, New York City Exotic Buses can help you coordinate party transportation so that you and your guests can concentrate on celebrating your special day.

  • Spotlight on SUV Limos

    Your choice of party transportation can have as much of an impact on your fun as the party for which you need it. When searching for a party limo or party bus rental near Long Island, don’t overlook the many advantages of an SUV limo. SUV limos come in a variety of styles.

    Spotlight on SUV Limos

    So whether you want an Escalade limo, Excursion limo, Hummer limo, or Lincoln limo, all it takes is a call to a party bus company to get set up with your favorite SUV limo. An SUV limo not only has a striking exterior, but also an impressive interior. Depending on your choice, you can rent an SUV limo with luxurious leather upholstery, state-of-the-art audio equipment, and even specialty lighting options. Of course, for your enjoyment and safety, SUV limos come with bars and expert drivers so you can kick back and relax while being driven around town. So to get the party bus or SUV limo that will make your night a mem orable one, all it takes is a call to a party bus company.

  • Your Guide to New York City Nightlife

    A party bus rental near Long Island offers a unique way to experience nighttime New York City. This video describes how many New Yorkers get around the city and what they enjoy during their nights out.

    The concentration of people and vehicles in New York City can make it difficult for the average driver to get to his destination. While public transportation and taxis can be useful for lone individuals, party buses are convenient for large groups who need to get from point A to point B. In fact, a limo party bus can prove the best option for people who are going en masse to a concert or club. These are some of the most popular pastimes in New York City, and a party bus rental can make these activities safe, easy, and fun.