• What Are the Benefits of Traveling by Charter Bus?

    If you need long distance transportation for a large group or team, then you will love traveling by charter bus. Safe and cost effective travel makes any group trip simple and comfortable. Check out a charter bus company near Long Island for destination options, and see for yourself why traveling by bus is the most economic and convenient option .

    Cost Effectiveness
    Traveling by bus offers a much cheaper travel alternative to flying or driving. Airline tickets can cost more than you budget for, especially if you are traveling to a remote location, somewhere with a small airport, or on a holiday or weekend. You can save money with a group trip by not paying for gas and individual car transportation. Charter bus companies often provide specials and packages for group travel to certain destinations, as well.

    What Are the Benefits of Traveling by Charter Bus from Long Island? Comfort
    When traveling by charter bus, nobody in your group needs to worry about taking the responsibility of driving. You can relax in our comfortable buses knowing you will get to your destination safely. Buses are spacious and equipped with multiple amenities, such as onboard WiFi and entertainment, to help you travel with ease. Buses provide more legroom and space to move about than an airplane does. There is plenty of storage space under the buses and accessible bathrooms onboard, as well as a PA system to help you communicate with the group. Our charter buses hold up to 56 people, making it a premium option for group trips.

    One of the best things about traveling long distances by bus is the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, which you would miss in an airplane. Additionally, your charter bus driver can help you plan your trip and pick out good places to stop along the way for food and other needs. Bus drivers will likely be open to stopping whenever is needed, providing a more convenient and safe option for travelers with special needs.

  • A Look at the New Presidential Limo

    While you try to pick your next Lincoln or Escalade limo in Long Island , President Obama rides around in his own presidential limo called “The Beast.” Before the next president takes office, he or she will have a new limo that is still undergoing its initial design phase.

    The Secret Service will award the job to the company that creates the best proposal for the limo. The competition is limited to major U.S. automobile manufacturers that have their main office in the country.

    Check out this video to learn more about what you can expect from the next presidential limo. Treat yourself to your own ride in a specialty limousine to mark your next special occasion.