• Planning a Class Field Trip

    The instruction you provide your students inside the classroom is in many ways the foundation for their education. Yet many teachers find that academic success can be enhanced by the occasional trip outside the confines of school. Class field trips give children the chance to connect what they learn in class with its application in the real world. A class field trip can further your students’ love of learning, and a coach bus in Long Island can simplify your field trip plans.

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    Confirm Site Visit

    How you choose the destination for your class field trip typically rests upon two factors: type of institution and its distance from your school. For instance, if you are a social studies teacher, you might want to take your students to historically significant location such as the Statue of Liberty or The Cloisters. Key to a successful field trip is having a site contact with whom you can make your arrangements. Also, keep in mind the distance to your proposed site. Coach travel buses can easily and safely take your students to and from your destination, but the time restrictions of an average school day might rule out distant options.

    Arrange Transportation

    The comfort and safety of your students should always be a top priority. Therefore, when booking a charter bus for your transportation needs, use a charter bus company with a well-established reputation. When considering your coach bus options, ask each charter bus company about its screening practices for its drivers. Use only those companies that regularly drug test their employees to ensure the wellbeing of their customers.

    Coordinate Student Needs
    Maintaining order inside a classroom or charter bus can be a manageable task. When in a museum or other site where students may roam around, though, retaining that order can become considerably more difficult. So when organizing a field trip, make sure that you have adult assistance. You might have other teachers accompany you on your trip, or you might ask parents to come along so that you can maintain calm and orderliness throughout the day. Many teachers also turn to their own students for help. By having your students use the buddy system, they too can keep a close eye on their classmates and friends.