• Getting to Know M and V Limousine

    NEW YORK CITY Eaotic Buses At M and V Limousine, we have been providing safe, reliable, and affordable party transportation on Long Island since 1993. We have gone from being a small limousine service to a large party transportation company that has become a leader in luxury transportation. Our party buses and party limos have helped countless customers celebrate special events, from weddings, proms, and birthdays to one-of-a-kind VIP events.

    Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to create a memorable experience for you in one of our party buses or luxury limousines. Our party transportation can be customized to meet your traveling needs with your own personal music, a full bar, a dance floor, party lights, dining and drinking accommodations, and even a television. Our party bus rental company can tailor our amenities to children’s or adults’ special events. Our limousine fleet includes luxury Hummers, Lincolns, Escalades, and BMWs. We also have one-of-a-kind antique vehicles for unique party transportation.

    In addition to party limos and party buses, we also offer a coach bus rental that can take large groups, such as students, employees, families, and parties to and from their destination without the hassle of navigating traffic and parking.

  • Etiquette Tips for Your Limousine Rental

    If you’ve rented a party limousine on Long Island to celebrate a special event, you and your party will want to follow certain etiquette rules to show respect for your party transportation company and party limo driver. Many party limo companies will provide you with guidelines as to what you can and can’t do while in your limousine.

    Watch this video for etiquette tips to follow while enjoying the transportation of your party limousine. These tips will keep you and your guests safe, and will also ensure that you maintain a good relationship with your party limo driver and party transportation company.

  • A Closer Look at Party Bus Rentals

    A Closer Look at Party Bus Rentals  | Long Island Party bus rentals are a great way to bring any celebration to the next level. When you rent a party bus for your party transportation in Long Island , the journey becomes as exciting as the destination. Step inside one of our luxurious party buses and enjoy the room to dance, move around, and have a drink with your friends.

    Whether you want to arrive in style or have a party on wheels, a party bus is the perfect group transportation. They are ideal for any occasion, such as weddings, proms, concerts, or just a night out on the town. Buses can be customized to fit any of your adult and children’s party needs. Any bus can be equipped with a bar and food, televisions for watching movies, dance poles, lights, music, and leather seats. Have a classy wedding party bus by day or an exotic luxury bus by night. Your travel will be safe and fun no matter how you choose to make the event memorable.

  • Factors to Consider when Choosing an SUV Limo Service

    Whether you are planning a bachelor party or you are trying to find something new for your regular girl’s night out, an SUV limo service makes it easy to travel in comfort and style. Choosing the right kind of vehicle will help you enhance your next big social gathering. If you are looking for an SUV limousine serving Long Island , be sure to consider the following factors:

    Company Reputation
    Before you rent any kind of limousine or party bus, it is important to look into a company’s reputation. Check out reviews from previous customers to make sure they have a solid reputation throughout the community. Working with a company that puts their customer first means that you have a better chance of finding the vehicle you want at a price you can afford.

    Factors to Consider when Choosing an SUV Limo Service | Long Island

    The Fleet
    If you are looking for an SUV limousine, you have to work with a company that has plenty of that kind of vehicle available in their fleet. Decide when you need the limo service and call the company to make your reservation as soon as possible. If they cannot provide you with the vehicle that you want, you might want to consider working with a different company that has what you need.

    When you and your party get into an SUV limousine, you are putting your safety into the hands of the company. It is important to check on a company’s safety standards before you agree to work with them. You should only work with limo services that have the necessary certifications and insurance. Ask about their hiring policies to make sure they check out all of their drivers before they allow them to operate their vehicles.

    Luxury Vehicles
    If you are going to the trouble to rent a vehicle, you should make sure that vehicle has the luxury features that you need to really enjoy the ride. Try to find a company that has SUV limousines with special features like neon lighting, a quality sound system, leather seating, and a bar in the vehicle.

  • Planning Your Coach Passenger Bus Vacation

    With the help of a coach bus rental in Long Island , you can plan the ultimate vacation. Keep reading for some tips that will help you plan your trip so you can really enjoy the time that you have off:

    Planning Your Coach Passenger Bus Vacation | Long Island, Atlantic City If you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, you might want to think about taking your coach bus rental to Atlantic City to check out the area’s hottest casinos. You can also gather your friends together to take Vineyard Tours of some of the best wineries on Long Island. The charter bus rental can also take you and your group to a nearby ski destination where you can enjoy some winter fun. Take the bus to Myrtle Beach during the summer to enjoy the beauty of the area.

    No matter where you want to go with your charter bus rental, make sure you reserve your vehicle early. As soon as you know where you want to go and when you want to go there, you should make your reservation to be sure your charter bus will be ready when you need it.

  • The Benefits of Renting a Party Bus

    If you are trying to decide what kind of vehicle to rent for your next big function, you might want to consider a party bus . This kind of vehicle offers the optimal comfort and style to help you on any kind of occasion. Keep reading to find out the benefits of renting a party bus in Long Island:

    Plenty of Space for Your Whole Group

    Whether you are planning a large or small event, there is a party bus rental that can accommodate you and all of your guests. Choose between vehicles that hold 20-55 people to find a bus that meets all of your needs. With such spacious interiors, everyone can sit comfortably as you travel to your destination.

    A True Party Atmosphere

    When you hire a party bus for your transportation needs, you can bring the party with you. Leather seats, a quality sound system, interior lighting, and an on-board bar, you can keep the party going even as you travel from venue to venue. Whether you are planning a bachelor party or just a night on the town, the party bus will help everyone get into the mood for a good time.

    A Built-In Designated Driver

    If you are planning to drink some alcohol, a party bus is the perfect vehicle for you. Your chauffeur serves as your built-in designated driver for the evening so you and your friends can enjoy your time on the town. No one has to sit out on the fun because the party bus driver will ensure that you travel safely and comfortably throughout the duration of the evening.

    The Benefits of Renting a Party Bus

    Amazing Views of the Town

    When you travel in a party bus, your whole group has the chance to see the town as you travel between locations. Whether you are heading into the City for an adventure or just exploring new areas of your neighborhood, traveling by party bus makes it easy to enjoy the view.

  • Occasions that Call for a Party Bus

    A party bus rental is a versatile mode of transportation that can be used for a variety of occasions. If you are planning any of the following events, you should find a party bus company near Long Island and make a reservation for your own vehicle:

    Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

    If you are planning a huge party with which to send one of your closest friends in to the world of marriage, you should definitely enlist the help of a party bus. Whether you are bar hopping in your neighborhood or venturing out into the City for an unforgettable evening, no bachelor or bachelorette party is complete without your very own bus rental for the night.

    Birthday Parties

    Treat yourself to something special on your next birthday by organizing a party bus rental to take you around town in style. With plenty of room for anywhere from 20-55 people, beautiful interiors, music, and lights, the party bus helps you get into the mood for an evening full of fun. The responsible driver ensures that you get home safely without anyone having to serve as designated driver for the evening.

    Occasions that Call for a Party Bus Girls’ Nights Out

    You work hard during the week and you deserve to relax and have a good time on your next girls’ night out. Organize a party bus rental for your group of ladies so you can easily travel from bars to restaurants. No matter where you want to go, the party bus makes it easy to get there in comfort and style.


    Your wedding is one of the most special days of your entire life. Renting a few party buses helps you give your guests an easy way to travel between your wedding functions. Whether you want a party bus to chauffeur your wedding party between the venue and reception or a few buses to help your guests travel throughout the weekend, these rentals will enhance every aspect of your big day.

  • Bachelorette Party Ideas

    If you are in charge of planning a bachelorette party for your friend, make sure to reserve a party bus rental early so you have transportation for the event. No matter what you decide to do, a bus rental makes it easy to travel in comfort and style.

    Some women prefer to have a quit night out with their girlfriends for their last hurrah as a single lady. Others want to go all out with dinner and an extravagant bar crawl in New York City. Try to plan a party based on your friend’s personality and what she actually wants to do.

    Check out this video for more tips on planning a bachelorette party. Work closely with a party bus rental company in Long Island to find the perfect vehicle for your party needs.

  • What to Do for Your Next Ladies’ Night

    Work and personal responsibilities can make it hard to get together with your girlfriends regularly. That is why you should go all out when you have an opportunity to get together for ladies’ night! Drinks, a party bus , and great company are all you need to enjoy ladies’ night activities such as:

    Experience the Nightlife Scene

    Plan a classic ladies’ night with your girlfriends by taking advantage of the nightlife! Your group can venture out and visit some of the city’s most popular bars and nightclubs. Start the night at a smaller bar with great drink specials before heading out to clubs where you can dance and mingle. Rent a party bus so you can get to each nightclub and bar without having to worry about traffic or parking. Riding in a party bus lets you arrive in style and lets everyone have a good time without someone having to be a designated driver.

    Visit the City’s Best Restaurants

    Put a new twist on a classic ladies’ night out choice by visiting a few different restaurants for a fun and unforgettable dinner. You and your gal-pals can start the night at one restaurant for drinks and appetizers. When you are done, select another restaurant where you can enjoy a main course. After this, you can find the city’s best dessert spot for some sweet treats and more drinks!

    What to Do for Your Next Ladies’ Night

    Head to Atlantic City

    If you and your friends feel like gambling during your next ladies’ night, you can rent a party bus and take a trip to Atlantic City. This city is home to casinos where you can find your favorite games, enjoy delicious foods, and sample fabulous drinks. Ladies’ night at the casino is sure to be a great time—and with a party bus, you will be able to enjoy it even more!

    See Your Favorite Band in Concert

    When was the last time you saw your favorite band in concert? If a band you love is coming to town, invite your girlfriends for a fabulous ladies’ night out at the concert venue! Contact a party bus company so you can rent a bus to transport you and your friends to the concert in style.

  • How to Throw a Bachelor Party

    Did you know that a groom’s best man is traditionally responsible for planning the bachelor party? If you have the honor of being best man, it is never too early to start thinking about this responsibility! Planning a fun and eventful party will give your friend a great send-off with the guys before he starts a new chapter in his life.

    As you will see in this video, bachelor parties do not have to be the typical trip to the strip club—although they can be if that is what the groom wants! It is important to take the groom’s hobbies and interests into account when planning this event. Plan a party that he will love attending by choosing his favorite sport, going to see his favorite band, or simply enjoying a meal at his favorite restaurant. Rent a party bus or SUV limousine so everyone can enjoy the party without having to worry about driving!